Series - Brothers in Arms - Studies in 1 Corinthians

Brothers in Arms - Studies in 1 Corinthians

Corinth was a metropolis of sin-seeking pleasure, entertainment and drunkenness. While Athens - shadowed by the worship of Athena - left us with a legacy of half-wit poets and philosophers, Corinth, shadowed by the temple of Aphrodite has left us – literally – with a legacy of venereal diseases.

And the gospel.

Yes. Hard to imagine those two sentences walking side by side, but in Corinth, that was the case.

Corinth was a place of hedonism - and gospel victory. Victorious, not because Paul had turned up, and certainly not because the Corinthian church was a model of saintliness.

To the glory of God, the church in Corinth was what it was because Jesus had shown up, and he had shown mercy. And He was not ashamed to call them brothers.